Why i need zMenu ?

zMenu is an ultra complete inventory management plugin. It has many features, including a powerful API that allows anyone to connect to it.

So the goal of creating an ultra complete and connected plugin environment, zMenu will be the important element of this environment. Thus, a single plugin on the enssemble plugins GroupeZ, and much more, will have the same system for inventory management. For you, you will enjoy more features for the configuration of your inventories. zMenu can be used alone, it can of course replace your other inventory plugins.

You do not want to redo your zAuctionHouse configuration to switch to zMenu? No worries, the /ah convert zmenu command is made for this !

Don’t want to redo your DeluxeMenu or GuiPlus configurations? No worries, the zMenuConvert plugin is also made for that, in one command convert your old configurations to zMenu !

How not to use zMenu ?

To disable zMenu it is very simple, you must set useZMenuEngine to false in the config.yml file. You must then retrieve the old configurations here: https://dl.groupez.dev/plugins/zauctionhouse/config/old/inventories.zip

Attention, if you are in 1.13+ you must take the contents of the folder 1.13+

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