Commands and permissions

An exhaustive list of the commands and their permissions


You can give one permission per grade to limit the number of items on sale.

In the config.yml file you have this:

- permission: zauctionhouse.max.5
  limit: 5
- permission: zauctionhouse.max.10
  limit: 10
- permission: zauctionhouse.max.15
  limit: 15

You can create permissions to have a different expiration time per grade.

- permission:
  expiration: 3600
- permission: zauctionhouse.expiration.elite
  expiration: 7200
- permission: zauctionhouse.expiration.legend
  expiration: 259200

Remove item as an admin


To remove an item you must use the "click wheel", if the click wheel does not work in your version, you can use your drop key.

Bypass cooldown command



Optionals commands

You can add 4 optional commands. The permission of its four commands is the same as for the /ah command.

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