Multi servers

zAuctionHouseRedis is a paid (15€) addon available here:

You need a REDIS Server:

More informations on discord:

Attention, you must buy zAuctionHouseRedis addon and use a REDIS server, we do not advise for the little servers to use zAuctionHouseRedis.

How to install ?

  1. You must put the storage in REDIS in the zAuctionHouse config.yml file.

  2. You must then fill in your REDIS and SQL server login information in the zAuctionHouseRedis config.yml file.

  3. Use the same configuraiton for all your servers.

Can I use BungeeCord?

No, for data as sensitive as items, you need a shared cache between multiple servers. Hence the importance of Redis. Bungeecord allows to exchange data between servers but will not be efficient for a auction house.

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