Commands and permissions

An exhaustive list of the commands and their permissions


You can give one permission per grade to limit the number of items on sale.
In the config.yml file you have this:
zauctionhouse_max_5: 5
zauctionhouse_max_10: 10
zauctionhouse_max_150: 150
You just have to replace the _ with. to give permission to your players. So zauctionhouse_max_5 becomes zauctionhouse.max.5
You can create permissions to have a different expiration time per grade.
expirations: # Expiration per rank and in secondes
zauctionhouse_expiration_vip: 3600
zauctionhouse_expiration_vipplus: 7200
zauctionhouse_expiration_elite: 259200

Remove item as an admin

To remove an item you must use the "click wheel", if the click wheel does not work in your version, you can use your key to throw an item to the ground.

Bypass cooldown command



/zauctionhouse » Main command (aliases: /ah, /hdv, /zauction, /zah, /zhdv)
Permission: zauctionhouse.use
/ah sell <price> [<amount>] » Sell an item (aliases: /ah vendre, /ah s)
Permission: zauctionhouse.sell
You can specify the economy by adding the economy format after the price. For example you have a saving per level with the format l, to sell your item with this economy you must do /ah sell <price><format> [<amount>]. What gives us: /ah sell 10l if you want to sell an item at 10 levels.
/ah sellinventory <price> » Sell an inventory (aliases: /ah vendreinventaire, /ah si, /ah vi)
Permission: zauctionhouse.sell.inventory
/ah reload » Reloaded the configuration files.
Permission: zauctionhouse.reload
/ah config » Configure the in-game plugin.
Permission: zauctionhouse.config
/ah version » See the plugin version.
Permission: no permission
/ah blacklist » See the list of blacklist players.
Permission: zauctionhouse.blacklist
/ah blacklist add <player> » Add a player to the blacklist.
Permission: zauctionhouse.blacklist.add
/ah blacklist remove <player> » Remove a player from the blacklist.
Permission: zauctionhouse.blacklist.remove
/ah history [<page>] [<type>] » View your purchase and/or sale history.
Permission: zauctionhouse.history
/ah transaction <player> [<page>] [<type>] » View a player's buy or sell history.
Permission: zauctionhouse.transaction
/ah claim » Allows you to recover your pending money.
Permission: zauctionhouse.claim
/ah search <string> » Allows you to search for anything, more information about the filter system on the "Filter" page.
/ah purge <days> » Purge old transactions
Permission: zauctionhouse.purge

Optionals commands

You can add 4 optional commands. The permission of its four commands is the same as for the /ah command.
/ah expire » Allows you to access the list of expired items.
/ah buying » Allows you to access the list of purchased items.
/ah categories » Allow access to the list of categories.
/ah items » Allows you to access your items on sale.