Multi servers
You can use zAuctionHouse to have a single auction house on multiple servers.
For this you need to buy the zAuctionHouseRedis addon and configure it.
You must use version of zAuctionHous to use this addon.
You need a REDIS server to use this addon.
You need to have the storage of the items in a SQL database.
You need to set the storage type to REDIS in the config.json file of zAuctionHouse.


storage: "MYSQL" # The type of storage used among : MYSQL, MARIADB, PGSQL
username: "homestead"
password: "secret"
port: 3306
host: ""
database: "zauctionhouse"
host: ""
port: 6379
password: "password"
poolConfig: # Redis pool configuration
maxTotal: 128
maxIdle: 128
minIdle: 16
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